Whitehills Racing Syndicate

Our guiding principles

We are a small group and want all the members to be entirely happy with their involvement so we have set out a few principles here. Please read the following carefully before deciding to join us. We believe that we offer great value compared with some other syndicate providers but please do your own research.

Owning a share in a racehorse can be an exciting and enjoyable hobby but it should not be seen as a financial investment. We offer this opportunity in good faith with a track record of many years and a first rate trainer. However, horse racing is unpredictable and we cannot promise any return other than the benefits set out in this site. Neither can we guarantee that the horse will run.

As well as full access to the syndicate manager we can arrange for prospective members to speak to other syndicate members before joining should they wish.

After purchasing a share you will not be required to make any further payments other than the monthly fees set out at the time of joining but neither can any refunds can be made. Ownership and leases cannot be transferred.

Prize money is shared amongst the members. Any rewards are shared annually. There is no guarantee of prize money. When a horse is sold the proceeds are shared among the members. Any returns to members are paid annually.

We ask that all members be of good character and specifically have no criminal convictions relating to racing or betting. Membership must not be used for commercial purposes. Members must be resident in Great Britain and members are asked to respect the privacy of other members.

Any betting in connection with a syndicate horse must be compliant with the British Horse Racing Board Rules.

Any decisions about the horses and running of the syndicate will be for the syndicate manager who will consult as he sees fit. In the unlikely event of a dispute that cannot be resolved amicably, the law of England will apply.  We will treat any information provided by you with care and respect but will always cooperate with the authorities on request.

© Mike Kelly 2013